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DiminutiveCoin is based on the HMQ1725 algorithm and is one of the ways to mine POW coins using GPUs. You can find more details in our guide.

Technical Info

An external multi-asset wallets which have DiminutiveCoin included in supported assets list

Coin Specificatoin:

Coin Official name: DiminutiveCoin

Coin Ticker: DIMI

Coin Type: POW/POS

Algorithm: HMQ1725

Block Time: 75 sec.

Drift Time: 10 min.

Address Starting Letters: D / E

Default P2P Port: 49139

Default PRC Port: 49122

Minimum Stake confirms: 75 blocks

Minimum Stake Age: 2 Hours

Difficulty Retarget: 750 sec.

Coinbase Mining Maturity: 75 blocks

Coinbase Wallet send Maturity: 10 blocks

Min. Tx Fee: 0.0000025 DIMI

Premine: 5% (DUMPED by original developer)

Maximum Coin Supply: 200000 DIMI

Coin Block Rewards:


Block # Even: 0.04 DIMI

Block # Odd: 0.01 DIMI

Halving: Every 500000 blocks


Block # Even: 0.00001 DIMI

Block # Odd: 0.01 DIMI

Halving: Every 1000000 blocks

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Diminutive Coin Emissions tables calculated per Coin specifications

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