DiminutiveCoin information

What is a Diminutive?

Diminutive means extraordinarily small or unusually small.

Factors have been accounted for being of such a small value ever to be produced, such as reduction of coin transfer fees and implementation of a Proof Of Work (POW) & Proof Of Stake (POS) “wave pattern” to produce block reward of 0.01 DIMI or 0.04 DIMI for POW, and 0.01 DIMI or 0.00001 DIMI for POS ( statement is true from the blockchain startup date ’till respective reward halving dates).

What is HMQ1725?

The HMQ1725 cryptographic algorithm stands for “Highly Modified Quark1725”

Here 1725 represents 17 combined algorithms and 25 hashing rounds. In order to provide highest level of security it uses 17 algorithms, which are hashed 25 times. This algorithm is easy to compute on a low-to-medium power computers, which means it is both CPU and GPU minable. HMQ1725 is not highly ASIC resistant, but at the time of “DiminutiveCoin” creation there were no signs of ASIC or FPGA miners available for HMQ1725 algorithm. Before such miners come into play – there is a good chance to mine “DiminutiveCoin” using CPU and GPU.
Non ASIC friendly
Guide provided by “CoinGuides” can be found here

What is the use case for “DiminutiveCoin”?

At present time

As hard as it was to accept for the Support Team behind “DiminutiveCoin”, that it’s creator decided to abandon his project, we all came to agreement to stay true to it and carry on.
As the former Use Case is no longer applicable to current situation, Support team is in the works of gathering required information for a future possibilities and uses.

Currently “DiminutiveCoin”, as most of crypto currencies, is used for:
1) HODL/Staking,
2) Speculative trading,
3) As a payment currency for Real-world Goods sold at Online stores / shops.
Links to stores can be found here