A Hybrid POW/POS
Blockchain for Peer 2 Peer

Digital Payments
based on

algorithm with
200k max supply

What is a Diminutive?

Diminutive means extraordinarily small or unusually small.

Factors have been accounted for being of such a small value ever to be produced, such as reduction of coin transfer fees and implementation of a Proof Of Work (POW) & Proof Of Stake (POS) “wave pattern” to produce block reward of 0.01 DIMI or 0.04 DIMI for POW, and 0.01 DIMI or 0.00001 DIMI for POS ( statement is true from the blockchain startup date ’till respective reward halving dates).

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Locally, Direct, No 3rd parties, Only P2P !

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Uunigate - Fractal Multi-chain Platform Gateway

Uunigate offers a unique experience by intuitively bringing altcoins/blockchain technologies and their communities together in an almot native layer solution.


Current Wallet version is v.

To get your self a personal “DiminutiveCoin” wallet – please choose an appropriate OS/Platform version below:
For quick synchronization, use the latest blockchain snapshot.

Third Party multi-asset wallets

An external multi-asset wallets which have DiminutiveCoin included in supported assets list

DiminutiveCoin Information

Technical information, articles, manuals.

Uunigate User Guide

Check out the guide series on how to create an NFT on the DiminutiveCoin chain.

@Uunigate-NFTbot is a bot interface for discord for uunigate web3 fractal systems uunigate and will eventually be able to transfer crosschain with any coin in Espers uunigate fractal networks.

The size of the fee when creating NFT - 0.00001 DIMI for 1 Kb of data.
The cost of registration of the creator account - 1 DIMI.
The cost of registering a voting account is - 1 DIMI.

uunigate - Fractal Multi-chain Platform Gateway

uunigate offers a unique experience by intuitively bringing altcoins/blockchain technologies and their communities together in an almot native layer solution.
In-chain NFTs (non-fungible token)
There is no need for IPFS hosting for NFT in the uunigate system. The data is stored directly in the coin's blockchain.
WEB3 - World Wide Web 3
Web3 is an idea for a new iteration of the World Wide Web which incorporates concepts such as decentralization, blockchain technologies, and token-based economics.
Save your funds. Thanks to Fractal technology, tokens will be available for deployment with minimal ("gas") fees at DIMI.

Collection NFT DIMI-CHAN

Dimi-chan Collection 1 The very first exclusive NFT collection of fine 3D cards depicting a number of fundamental crypto concepts implemented using an image of the Dimi-chan - official Dimunitive Coin's mascot. All five images are performed in a high skill manner with a pinch of pop-culture spirit exclusively for Diminutive Coin.
*Only on the DiminutiveCoin blockchain on the uunigate platform and on the Cardano blockchain.


dimi chan collection


dimi chan collection


dimi chan collection


dimi chan collection


dimi chan collection

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